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WWE 2k18 release date

WWE 2K18 Pre-Order Bonus Has Been Finally Announced

WWE 2K18 is one of the most popular video games which is scheduled to hit the market before the end of this year. And lots of news and updates are coming in officially regarding both the WWE 2K18 release date as well as the WWE 2K18 features. And the latest has been related to the WWE 2K18 Pre-Order bonus which the developers have finally announced.

WWE 2K18 Pre-Order Bonus and Other Crucial Information

Regarding the WWE 2K18 pre-order bonus, it should be mentioned that there were a number of big names which were in the race. But in the end, it is Kurt Angle who has won the race. It has been not long, in fact, just more than a day, that Kurt Angle himself made the announcement. And later on, the news was reaffirmed in the official Twitter handle of the game WWE 2K18.

Kurt Angle has been long linked with the upcoming WWE 2K18 game, and previously it has been reported that he will be a part of the WWE 2K18 roster as well. And the fact that the Olympic champion is going to be available as the pre-order bonus of WWE 2K18 makes sure that he will be a part of the WWE 2K18 roster as well.

Release date of WWE 2k18

However, there are lots of other names as well as far as the WWE 2K18 roster is concerned. There definitely a number of certainties. However, it has not been confirmed by the developer of the game who is going to feature on that list. And thus it can be stated that in the coming days there is going to be an official announcement regarding the WWE 2K18 roster.

The fans, as well as the experts, have already started guessing who is going to be a part of the game’s roster. And the courtesy should go to the WWE 2K18 trailer particularly. The trailer has been pretty impressive and has made the fans go really crazy about the game that’s going to be launched on October 17, 2017. Not just that the WWE 2K18 trailer has provided the gamers with an idea of the WWE 2K18 roster, the developers of the game have made it sure that the gamers come across the cover star of the game as well.

Certainly, the cover star of the game has been one of the most-discussed topics of the game. Naturally, there were lots of suggestions. But eventually, it turned out to be Seth Rollins. And the gamers have accepted the selection gleefully. That sets up the stage brilliantly for the game as the WWE 2K18 release date is approaching really fast. Not a lot of days are left to go before we can come across the game which will also reveal a lot of information related to the WWE 2K18 features.

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Wrap Up

So at this juncture when the WWE 2K18 trailer is already out, along with that the announcement has already been made that Kurt Angle will be the cover star of the game, it looks really intriguing for the fans. Certainly, when WWE 2K18 eventually hits the shelves, it will be really interesting to find out how it competes with the other games from this particular genre.