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Best gaming Mouse

Top 3 Gaming Mouse of 2017: Which Ones Should You Buy?

If you are a gaming enthusiast and you wish to be more adept the next time you play Call of Duty, you must choose your gaming mouse very wisely. For a lot of factors, when it comes to gaming, relies on how powerful and how advanced your gear is. The mouse is your virtual hand and should be most modern if not downright cutting edge. Are you a gaming enthusiast? Then, you must check out our list of top 3 gaming mouse of 2017.

Top 3 Gaming Mouse of 2017: Criteria for Picking a Gaming Mouse 

When it comes to a gaming mouse, there are some criteria which you must necessarily follow. Gaming mice must be lag free and easy to use. Also, the higher the Dots per Inch, or DPI, count is, the better it is to use. It should be remembered that in case you are a newbie to the gaming world, you must follow what the older or more experienced gamers have to say. Also, you can easily follow our guide to the best gaming mouse options. All gamers must also remember that not all the gaming mice are exactly alike: they fit your hand in very different ways. Thus, you must be well aware of your options before closing in on one. Also, note that the build quality is very important as well.

top gaming mouse
Best gaming Mouse

Top 3 Gaming Mouse of 2017: Our Top List

These are the top 3 gaming mice of 2017.

  • Havit HV-MS735: This is a great beginner’s mouse and is priced just right: below $50. The build quality is excellent. With up to 12000 DPI, a total of 19 programmable buttons, and a mechanical scroll wheel, we believe that it will arise the dormant super-gamer in you. It is very responsive and is great to touch. However, it has a drawback: the plastic body can often be slippery.
  • Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum: This offering from Logitech is an excellent one. The reason why this mouse is on our list of top 3 best gaming mouse options is that it is super-light: at just 3.6 grams. It also has 11 programmable buttons which will help you play any game better. Also on board is an RGB customizable lighting feature. It can, however, be a bit pricey.
  •  Zowie ZA11: This entry on our list is an ambidextrous unit, which means that southpaws will rest assured. It also has a claw grip, favored by legions of gamers. It has a great build quality and is extremely accurate thanks to the great sensor. It also does not need additional drivers. This model can, however, be very pricey for some gamers.

Wrap Up

In the end, we hope you have enjoyed reading our guide to the top 3 gaming mouse of 2017. Do you have an entry you would like to add? Let us know in the comments section below.