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SnapTube Ready and Killer: Know About These in Details

With YouTube video downloading application getting famous and popular among Android users day by day many has come and gone but one application that made a huge impact on this pace is newly revamped version of SnapTube. This new edition 4.6.1 comes with newly-fangled and exciting features which allows existing features giving boast to the core. As many of the SnapTube users are getting pretty handy with the process of video and audio downloading and folks who are not really aware about this app are getting more into it.


I think honestly, what else you could wish for, latest videos and music getting captured in your device and that is without spending any dime. Yeah you heard me right, this application goes free and add- free with the new edition. When we all are talking about new addition of features in this version, there are two upgrades this time- SnapTube Ready and SnapTube Killer.

Shall we look closer?

SnapTube Ready: with this downloading any video feeds from the streaming site has become more easy and fast. With just one click, to share button will connect you to SnapTube and the video will start downloading in a jiff. One can explore many videos simultaneously and this share function makes playing, pausing and resuming effortless on application. You could also manage your downloaded videos by deleting them directly from the application. Even the design of the new avatar is organized and clean makes you feel towards videos rather than popping up advertisements. This “SnapTube Ready” feature will also allow people to switch and select between different categories of videos they would like to explore. Moreover, this new edition to the SnapTube Apk is done to make it more convenient for the Android users.

SnapTube Killer: Oh this one is actually a bomb, you folks want to download videos go ahead, but what if you would like to download videos in an mp3 format. Hell yeah! You can download videos in MP3 format from YouTube, but that would be only audio from the video. This SnapTube Killer feature allows you to be specific about which video and music would like to be downloaded in order to save time, data network and space on your devices. This could be done with the in-built application support system and for these users would not be downloading any other separate plug-ins to occupy more storage space in their smart phones. So no extra encoding plug-in required here, save space and listen endless o your favorite music whole day without interruption anytime and anywhere you want. If you like a video search the keyword explore the videos if you want to download it, hit “SnapTube Ready” to be downloaded on are phones.

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However, it’s up to you guys how you would really want to use it, but in our phones “SnapTube is rolling”.