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Should you Buy the iPad Air 3?

A new year has begun and a new iPad model is about to hit the market. From the rumors we have received, it looks like Apple is finally going to refresh their iPad Air lineup with the new release, the Apple iPad Air 3. However, since there’s already a good number of different iPads in the same 9.7 inch display size, Apple might make the new iPad Air 3 more affordable over the pricier and more capable iPad Pro models. For people who prefer something smaller, the iPad Mini lineup is already there.

With so many lineups and models in the present market, should you buy an iPad Air 3 if it comes out this summer or buy something else?

Possible Release Date

We are looking forward to a March release of the iPad Air 3. The last week of March looks like a sweet spot, because Apple released the iPad Pro 2 on 21st March 2016. However, the news of some chip error is floating on the air and if that is true, the event can get postponed up to June although the possibility is quite less. Nothing creates a hype better than suspense.

Also, another possible reason for a delay is the arrival of a new model; a 10.5 inch new iPad which the world hasn’t seen before. Apparently, Apple is planning on replacing the 9.7 inch lineup thus making the release date a bit delayed.


As usual, the pricing would be around $550 for the basic Wi-Fi version, expect beyond $800 if you need the LTE variant of the iPad Air 3. In the UK, the pricing should stay around 400 pounds, depending on availability in the market. This was the pricing structure when the last iPad Air was released in 2014, it’s been long ever since so we can’t be so sure about the iPad Air 3 pricing.

Device Outlook

The iPad Air is already only 6.1 mm thick, an iPad any thinner than this may not be a good idea in terms of rigidity and strength. Although Apple still has a 0.5 mm margin to take care of, but that’s still in dilemma and mostly unnecessary. Although Apple is said to be working on using even stronger aluminum than the existing airplane grade ones they are using right now. For color schemes, a new Rose Gold variant will certainly be unveiled. We aren’t sure, but Jet Black seems like an option to us as well.

Assumed Configuration

There’s no official announcement regarding the iPad Air 3, we can’t say anything for sure. 2048×1536 seems like the perfect display resolution for a tablet that’s around 10 inches in size. iPad Pro has a true tone display with improved color gamut, using that in the iPad Air 3 will bump up the price. If Apple wants to make the Air 3 an affordable tablet, they might just omit the True Tone display and go with the regular IPS LCD they use.

For storage, iPad Air 3 would likely follow the iPhone 7 footsteps.


If you need recommendation on buying the iPad Air 3; go for it. If you need a smaller or larger variant, there are the iPad Mini and iPad Pro variants as well.