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Mobdro Brings You All The Latest Movies and TV Series at One Go

The progress in the field of technology has been pretty unimaginable over the last few years. And it is believed that things are going to get better and better with the passage of time. In earlier days, when there was not much of assistance from the technology, life used to be much difficult for a movie lover. Once he or she has missed out on a movie or a particular episode, he or she has to wait for that particular content to arrive on the market.

But with the advancement of technology, things, as we have said, have changed a lot. There has been the appearance of a number of streaming websites from different developers in the nook and corner of the world. And of late there is the rise of a number of apps which enable one user to get hold of the best movies or TV series at a much easier process. It is always much better to have an app than a website. And hence, the rise of such kind of apps which help the users to download movies and TV series and any other video can be spotted more prominently.

Now moving on to the most popular apps in this genre, we have quite a few. But not many can match an app like Mobdro. It’s not that the other apps haven’t come closer, but the Mobdro app has some exclusive features which have made it even more popular among the fans. And here we are with the motto to discuss the reasons why it has climbed up the ladder of the most popular apps in this genre.

mobdro app has splendid features

The first and one of the basic things that an app from this genre must have is the variety of content. And Mobdro is absolutely unmatched when it comes to the variety of the apps. A user can get hold of any kind of movie, any episode TV series or even any other video. The user does not have to work too hard in order to spot the content as the contents are divided into different categories. And these categories are – most popular, Top Rated, New Release and Coming Soon. Not all the apps with similar kind of functionality provide the users with such facilities. And hence, this is one of the prime reasons why one should go for the Mobdro app ahead of any other app.

It is not only because of the variety of the content that one should go for Mobdro. There are other reasons as well. And this includes the quality of the video as well. Most of the videos which can be downloaded through Mobdro come with HD quality video. So the movie watcher does not have to worry a lot about that. Also, this app does not charge its users with any sort of additional hidden charges in order to provide full access to the app which is unlike many others available in this genre.

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Hence, one movie lover before getting hold of any such app in this genre should understand the difference between Mobdro and the other ones. Hope that this article does your job and once you have decided to download the app, do not waste your time and start enjoying the facilities.

WWE 2K18 Pre-Order Bonus Has Been Finally Announced

WWE 2K18 is one of the most popular video games which is scheduled to hit the market before the end of this year. And lots of news and updates are coming in officially regarding both the WWE 2K18 release date as well as the WWE 2K18 features. And the latest has been related to the WWE 2K18 Pre-Order bonus which the developers have finally announced.

WWE 2K18 Pre-Order Bonus and Other Crucial Information

Regarding the WWE 2K18 pre-order bonus, it should be mentioned that there were a number of big names which were in the race. But in the end, it is Kurt Angle who has won the race. It has been not long, in fact, just more than a day, that Kurt Angle himself made the announcement. And later on, the news was reaffirmed in the official Twitter handle of the game WWE 2K18.

Kurt Angle has been long linked with the upcoming WWE 2K18 game, and previously it has been reported that he will be a part of the WWE 2K18 roster as well. And the fact that the Olympic champion is going to be available as the pre-order bonus of WWE 2K18 makes sure that he will be a part of the WWE 2K18 roster as well.

Release date of WWE 2k18

However, there are lots of other names as well as far as the WWE 2K18 roster is concerned. There definitely a number of certainties. However, it has not been confirmed by the developer of the game who is going to feature on that list. And thus it can be stated that in the coming days there is going to be an official announcement regarding the WWE 2K18 roster.

The fans, as well as the experts, have already started guessing who is going to be a part of the game’s roster. And the courtesy should go to the WWE 2K18 trailer particularly. The trailer has been pretty impressive and has made the fans go really crazy about the game that’s going to be launched on October 17, 2017. Not just that the WWE 2K18 trailer has provided the gamers with an idea of the WWE 2K18 roster, the developers of the game have made it sure that the gamers come across the cover star of the game as well.

Certainly, the cover star of the game has been one of the most-discussed topics of the game. Naturally, there were lots of suggestions. But eventually, it turned out to be Seth Rollins. And the gamers have accepted the selection gleefully. That sets up the stage brilliantly for the game as the WWE 2K18 release date is approaching really fast. Not a lot of days are left to go before we can come across the game which will also reveal a lot of information related to the WWE 2K18 features.

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Wrap Up

So at this juncture when the WWE 2K18 trailer is already out, along with that the announcement has already been made that Kurt Angle will be the cover star of the game, it looks really intriguing for the fans. Certainly, when WWE 2K18 eventually hits the shelves, it will be really interesting to find out how it competes with the other games from this particular genre.

Galaxy S9: Key Specs; Rumors; Release Date; Is Galaxy S9 Unveiling in 2017?

Samsung Galaxy S9: Not even a couple of days have passed for Galaxy S8 to be launched, fans have speculated with hopes about its upcoming flagship. Though with S8, fans of Samsung has faced some good as well as bad experiences. But we can say that Samsung has more or less gained the level of trust which flashed out of Samsung world after the unfortunate flagship of Note 7. So with all due respect to Samsung, we hope explosions are not repeated for the fans of Samsung world. But for fans, there remains a hope, and concerning with the tech enthusiasts, we have something more for the Samsung fans. After the successful release of Samsung Galaxy S8 in the month of April this year, rumors come to us that Samsung is thinking about its S8’s successor, Galaxy S9. The ‘S’ series by Samsung are one of the coolest Android devices. And we have many tech gurus anticipating about the 9th edition of the South Korean Mobile make, Samsung Galaxy S9. Here’s what you need to check about Galaxy S9 key specs. Read on below.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors & Key Specs: Most of you might wonder why suddenly S9? But we know, every year Samsung bring out their upgraded flagship model. So if at all they launch a flagship model next year then there’s a cent percent possibility of S9 to hit the market. With top-notch features, S9 is expected to come. But for serious ‘S’ series fans, you have to wait for another one and a half years for the 9th edition. Here are some of the key specs of Galaxy S9 which is speculated by some valid sources. Have a glance.

Galaxy S9 may release in late 2017


Pride it is, for the makers of Samsung, when screen section of their flagships are concerned. As rumors say, Samsung S9 will feature to sport 5.5-inches with quad HD display. The resolution of S9 suggests that it would be 2560×1440. As per the news, there wouldn’t be any up gradation in resolution part. But the display would be improved when we are concerned with S9.


It is speculated that Samsung S9 is going to be powered by futuristic Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipset. Well, that is happening to be under the developmental process. While the processor will be at a rate of 3.6 GHz Quad + 2.8 GHz Quad = Octa Core processor, the GPU of S9 is speculated to be Andreno 540.


With a whopping 6 GB RAM, Galaxy S9 is speculated to offer users a seamless and fast multi-tasking experience. Apparently, the internal memory of S9 is hinted to be having 128GB, which is quite decent for the rich ‘S’ series users.


S9 is expected to be sporting with a dual rear camera with 21-megapixel along with dual tone LED flash; whereas, the front camera is sported to be consisting of 8 MP along with a single LED flash.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date: As we have witnessed Samsung Galaxy S8 to get launched in April this year, chances predominates our thoughts of S9 to get released this year before 2017 ends. However, by some rumors, we get to know that the next flagship of Samsung ‘S’ series is nowhere unveiling in 2017, but the probable release date is speculated in 2018. Well, we have to wait for any official announcement by the company.

Wrap Up: In conclusion, we can say, Samsung has always surprised it, customers. But with the explosion that happened with Note series directly affected the Samsung’s business. We hope nothing of that sort is ever repeated shortly. Drawing an ending line, Samsung S9 is expected to be something bigger than fans have ever witnessed.


Check Out the Awesome Features of the Upcoming Xbox 2 Gaming Console from Microsoft

We do not know whether American multinational technology company Microsoft would hold a pre-E3 show to announce Scorpio or not, which is similar to what Sony did with the PS4 Pro. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has already confirmed that gaming console Xbox 2 promised to be most powerful console ever built. He made this announcement at the end of E3 2016. With more and more details of the gaming console is slowly getting revealed, his statements are turning out to be true, although nothing can be officially confirmed as of now.

In a blog post, Spencer has stated that they would do the complete release of Xbox 2 at E3 2017, which means on June 11, Sunday at 2PM PDT/5PM EDT, the specifications on the Xbox 2 will finally be known. On the other hand, Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft has said that his company is working to learn from the feedbacks of Project Scorpio and if it turns out to be a success, the future of consoles will be completely evolved. Moreover, leaving aside VR titles, Scorpio is not thinking on having any unique games. It means that the new games will also work on your older system.

Check out the features of XBox 2

After the release of PlayStation 4, it is very tough to answer whether it is a next generation console or something just iterative similar to the Pro, which Sony has vehemently made it clear is not the PS5. The Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) would come with native 4K and hi-fidelity VR. It is something which just a very powerful PC can offer.  Developed and is owned by Microsoft, Xbox is a video game brand. It suggests to a number of gaming consoles developed by them. It was launched in the year 2001 in the USA. Information regarding the latest console, Xbox One S, a thinner version of Xbox one, was announced last year in June, 2016.

All of the points mentioned here really makes it extremely difficult to say whether Project Scorpio is in fact Xbox 2 or not. Microsoft has been referring to the trio of consoles of Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox 2/Project Scorpio as Xbox Family. As a result, it means that no gamer will be left behind. In other words, one can play it one any of the console within that family.

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Playing games on Project Scorpio enable users to play them in 4K and also with upcoming graphical upgrades that we see on PS4 Pro. As per industry reports in January 2017, the console’s specifications and how developers can take benefit of it were revealed to us.

A significant feature to look forward to in the Microsoft Xbox 2 is the inclusion of VR solution.  On the other end of the spectrum, Xbox 360 will multiply the lifespan to almost twice than that of its previous editions by the time it is ultimately phases out. The multi-million dollar company is trying its level best to make the games as compatible as possible across various systems.

A Few Features That Could Arrive With Borderlands 3

We already know that Borderlands 3 is on its way, and it may come out as soon as 2018. Before you get too excited, let us take the opportunity to tell you that developer Gearbox Software has not said anything about the game’s possible release date. In fact, they have not even confirmed for once that Borderlands 3 is indeed in development. However, we have more clues than you would think to back up our speculation that Borderlands 3 is definitely in the works, and it will probably come out sometime next year.

If you are wondering what prompted us to make such assumptions, Gearbox made a showing early this year that showed the game being partly in development. While we could tell that the video clip used for the purpose of the demo featured the game in its early stages of development, the studio’s founder and CEO later posted a status update on Twitter with a picture that showed him clad in motion capture gear shooting for a video game for the part of a psycho bandit. Now while he was careful not to name the game he was working on, the playful teasing has us thinking that it may indeed be borderlands3game.com

The last clue to seal our faith came from publisher Take-Two Interactive, who said that the year 2018 was going to be a busy one for them with 2K getting a brand new unnamed title in one of their most acclaimed franchises- something that aligns perfectly with all the things we have been hearing about Borderlands 3. So with all that sorted out, we have a feeling that Borderlands 3 is on its way. Even if it doesn’t come out in 2018, it is definitely in the works, and we are not too far away from hearing about the upcoming. With that in mind, we take a look at a few things that we want to see when Borderlands 3 finally lands.

So first things first, what we would really like to see is an engine upgrade, which, as we know, is already happening. The tech demo that the creators showed us was from a new technology that was being built on the Unreal Engine 4. The new graphics tech that we saw retains the game’s signature cel-shaded, highly unrealistic look, yet is designed to go deeper under the levels and deliver a more unique and detailed visual characteristic. At one point, Randy Pitchford mentioned that the new technology would be able to pick up many visual subtleties such as what we see in reality when we hold up our hand next to a strong source of light.

Besides that, we really hope that Borderlands 3 brings in some fantastic new weapons. This is of particular importance to longtime Borderlands fans as the creators have given us some of the world’s most insane arms to use in-game as if they were no big deal. So yes, while we got the opportunity to fool around with rocket launchers in the earlier games, we would love to see it being taken several notches higher.

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However, our weapons wishlist cannot come to an end without us stating just how much we would love to see full weapons customization- something that can really bring a whole new flavor into the upcoming game. It would be even sweeter if customization is not relegated to weapons only, but be extended to important features like characters for a more immersive experience.

We can’t tell if all of these would make their way into Borderlands 3, but the fact that Randy Pitchford had said long back that the next game in the series would have to be the biggest one gives us a lot of hope about the legacy of the Borderlands franchise. So we sincerely hope that the new game gives us all that we love about Borderlands without any compromise.

NBA 2K18: Three Editions Revealed alongside NBA 2K18 Release Date

The 21st century has offered us the brilliant gaming industry which consists of video games touted with almost all genres. Now that the much-awaited football based video game, FIFA 18 has revealed its cover star with Cristiano Ronaldo, another basketball-based video game, NBA 2K18 is definitely not behind any other gaming series. With NBA 2K17 fans have experienced a brilliant world of basketball gaming and hence by anticipating about its next installment they have already moved on. With the latest reports of the NBA 2K18, Alfie Brody, NBA 2K’s marketing vice president has announced the ultimate cover athlete for the standard edition of the game, which is Kyrie Irving; whereas for the legend edition, we already know that Shaquille O’Neal has been tabbed for it. As reports reveal, this is Shaquille’s hat-trick to be the cover athlete of NBA franchise. As per the standard edition, it would be pegged up with $59.99.

We have gathered some valuable information which you require to know in order to purchase either of the three editions; Standard edition, Legend edition or the Legend edition Gold. Check them below.

NBA 2k18 release date revealed

STANDARD EDITION: While you go for a pre-order, this bonus you are surely going to get:

1st– To build your perfect team you will get a 10 MyTeam packs that would be featuring a random 2K free agent card, & more.

2nd– You will be offered with 5,000 VC

3rd– The MyPlayer Apparel

LEGEND EDITION: The digital items are mentioned below:

1st– To build your perfect team which would feature a Shaq card (guaranteed) alongside a random team card of the 2K free agent.

2nd– A pair of Shaq Attaq shoes

3rd– A Shaq jersey alongside a Shaq official logo shirt as well a Shaq nickname jersey

4th– A Shaq Championship ring

LEGEND EDITION GOLD: The digital items are mentioned below:

1st– A Shaq official logo shirt alongside the Shaq jersey and a Shaq Attaq shoes

2nd– The additional MyPLAYER apparel items along with Shaq nickname jersey and championship ring

3rd– To build your perfect team you will get a 40 MyTeam packs alongside random Team 2K agent card (free)

4th– Ness Shaq and Mitchell jersey collection (in total 5)

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NBA 2K18 Features: NBA 2K18 has widely been speculated since there was news of its developing. Now that the release date has almost arrived and is somewhat knocking at the door, we speculate the basketball gaming installment is going to unveil with hosts of features. Among the features, fans are hoping to witness ability with MyCareer mode where they can create new players making it a beasty one. At this moment the Virtual Reality is the new in-thing of the technological world. And it would not be an optimistic thing for fans to expect the game to feature out with virtual reality this time. Besides, NBA 2K18 game has gone through a handful speculations about its unveiling. Thanks to makers, as we have been offered with the official release date of NBA 2K18. NBA 2K18 release date has been announced, and it’s on the September 19 of this year. For more updates on NBA 2K18 stay glued with us.

SHAREit and its many benefits and importance

If you are looking for safety and security over your data, you have come to the right place. The SHAREit app is the one app which can bring about a complete data safety resolution as far as international standards are concerned. The number one destination for the data safety enthusiasts, this app is the one app which can keep us at bay from even the most mundane of the lot as well. There is a certain amount of data security which is the one main condition as far as the user is concerned. Truly, it must be said that many users have drawn us to the safety and security features of the app but can be said that the new app is also of the utmost importance as far as the other features are concerned.

There is a sense of urgency in modern consumers as far as data security and safety are concerned. The one big example which we must focus on at this point is the fact that while the speed and the safety of data transfer as well. This is of utmost importance in any situation as well. This is especially true that the fact remains that many users are still not keenly are of their data rights as of now and need to be given a crash course in this section as well.

Shareit has many benefits

Many users have often asked us the features and benefits of the SHAREit app. Well, to start off, it is blazingly fast. The reports have suggested at various times that this new app can transfer data at speeds which are in excess of up to 40 times the speeds offered by Bluetooth. Similar to Bluetooth, this service is also totally free. This feature means that you will not have to pay a penny no matter how many times you use the app to your heart’s content as well. Also, the other great benefit of the SHAREit app is the fact that this protocol uses the same encrypting system as does some technologies which are not shared by anyone except, perhaps, the military.

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Many are the rivals of this app but in the end, it has been shown that there is hardly an app which is as helpful as this app. The primary reason why we are bringing this up for discussion is the fact that this is the only app which has been shown to be totally secure and immune to attacks, cyber attacks and otherwise.

There has been a multiplication in the number of cyber attacks in the recent past which has led to great consternation. Of utmost importance is the fact that even some legal, government organizations have been shown to be attempting to steal the data of the general public. They do so to maintain a sense of power and total sway over the common man. The noted hacker, cyber rights activist and former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, had warned us of a coming digital apocalypse. download SHAREit app for windows 7 to stop it.


Latest Patent Promises Better Camera in Apple iPhone 8

We are already in the middle of February in the year 2017, and there has been no dearth of news and updates regarding what the probable features of Apple iPhone 8 are going to be. It was not even a few days that the already available latest version Apple iPhone was launched, that we started getting rumors regarding the configurations of the upcoming flagship device. And it has kept on coming in ceaselessly. Now that we are slowly approaching the official unveiling of the Apple iPhone 8, although a number of months remain before that, the frequency of the updated news has increased considerably.

The latest news that has managed to grab the attention of the tech enthusiasts from different parts of the world states the fact that the Apple iPhone 8 is going to have a better camera than its predecessor. And that is something entirely obvious because over the years we have Apple putting more stress on new updates whenever they have launched a new smartphone in this line. And Apple iPhone 8 is quite naturally not going to be an exception to that trend.

What is interesting about the news is the fact that it reports about a new patent that has been submitted to the developers regarding the probable camera features of the device. The patent which for the first time was published in the month of December looks forward to optimizing capture of focus stacks. Depth-map creation for AR applications and betterment in the faux bokeh mode while shooting are the primary concerns for the new camera patent that has been submitted to the developer for the Apple iPhone 8. CNET has been quoted reporting regarding the patent that, “In order to perform focus stacking, you have to be able to refocus the lens quickly, accurately and in controllable steps, which usually requires new hardware — like a new camera module — and definitely new software.”

iPhone 8 will have a better camera

This is definitely going to ramp up the already incredible camera features of the Apple iPhones. And what it will do besides the betterment of the camera in the smartphone, these new features will certainly have an effect on the final price of the Apple iPhone 8. In fact, rumors have managed to go up in the air revealing the fact that Apple iPhone 8 is going to be having a higher price tag than $1000. That sounds pretty daring for very few smartphones are available on the market in that price range.

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But how will that bother the developers! Even the fans will definitely not be worried by that as they would certainly be ready to break the bank in order to get a highly updated smartphone. This is going to be the tenth anniversary of the smartphone making brand based out of Cupertino, and the expectations are high that there is going to be something special from Apple. In fact, reports are there that three different variants of the smartphone are going to be available. So it will be really interesting to notice how things pan out once we approach the official unveiling of the latest edition of the Apple iPhone 8.

A Lot of Changes are Expected to Come in FIFA 18

It is one of the clichéd statements that change is the only constant. But then, clichéd statements, on most occasions, are clichéd because those statements have been proved to be right in a number of instances. And if we think of the world of video games, the statement seems to be more relevant than ever.

If we take a look at the world of video games, we can clearly observe that the things have changed a lot. And that has mostly been for the betterment of the games. Take for instance the games in the FIFA series. If we go back to one of the earlier versions of the game and compare it with one of the latest ones, we can clearly get the idea of how things have evolved. And certainly, that is one thing that has kept the gamers engaged in playing the games.

Now as we inch closer & closer to the official launch of FIFA 18 which happens to be the latest edition of the games in the FIFA series from Electronic Arts (EA), expectations are highly on the rise regarding the new upgrades that are going to come in. Even the expectations are keeping the fans so much engaged. It is just unimaginable how things are going to be when FIFA 18 releases in the second half of the year.

Now as we were talking about the changes that are going to come with the launch of the game FIFA 18, one thing that comes to our mind is the better set-piece movements. There are too many complications when it comes to taking the free-kicks or corners in FIFA 17. And the reports have flown in different sources about this. In fact, there have been even words that in a bid to make it even better, EA has worsened the situation in FIFA 17 from it had been in FIFA 16. So it is quite logical that the fans are expecting a change to come in this section of the game when FIFA 18 gets launched.

Not just the set-piece movements, people who have been playing the games from FIFA for a long time and have come across the changes which have come in over the years are of the opinion that it is high time that EA invests some amount of idea and thoughts behind the fans in the stadium (in the virtual world of the game). In the real-life scenario, the fans have changed so much, and these days, the tifos that are displayed on the field are yet to come in the games. So if FIFA 18 brings in such things, it would certainly be great for the gamers. But the absence of these yet again will disappoint the fans to quite a huge extent.

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Also, not to forget are the positives of the game FIFA 17. The fans believe that EA will retain all those features. Not just the features, the different modes which are available in the game also have grabbed the attention of the gamers – particularly the Journey Mode. And it would be really great to see the Journey Mode being taken to the next level in FIFA 18. Let’s keep our fingers crossed at this moment.

ShowBox App: How to Download and Install it on Your Device

There are lot of apps out in the market which will provide you with all the latest movies and TV series with a subscription fees. But ShowBox is definitely not one of them. It has a large collection of movies and TV series in its library and it has no fees. Yes, it is absolutely free.

ShowBox: Features Highlight

Albeit ShowBox is a free app, still it provides top-notch features for its users: –

  • HD Quality Videos: -Most all the movies and TV series come with a 1080p video quality.
  • Download Movies: – Not only can you buffer the contents, but also you have the option to download your favorite movies and TV series.
  • Rich Content: -Name any latest and rarest movies and TV series, ShowBox has it in their library. Plus, they regularly update their content according to the need.
  • Bookmark: – You have the option to bookmark your favorite movies and TV series inside ShowBox so that you can watch it later.

ShowBox: Not available in PlayStore

Since ShowBox provides free buffering and downloading of all its contents to its users, it violates the privacy law of Google. That’s why ShowBox app is not present in the Google Play Store. One needs to install the app from an external source in order to access it.

ShowBox: Compatibility

ShowBox is compatible with almost all the available platforms such as: –

  • Android
  • BlackBerry (10.2.1 above)
  • iOS
  • Windows

ShowBox App: How to download it on Android

  • Download ShowBox apk in your android device
  • Then go to Settings > Security and then Enable Unknown Sources on your device. This makes sure that apps from outside Play Store will be installed in the device.
  • Now just run the setup file and install it as per instructions. Happy ShowBoxing!

Features in Android device to play ShowBox smoothly:-

To play ShowBox app smoothly, it needs some basic requirements in your Android device which are given below:-

  • Android 4 and above
  • Good Internal memory
  • HD video supported large screen preferably over 4.5 inch display
  • Good internet connection to buffer 1080p video without interruption
  • Compatible video player apps like MX Player or GrowBox

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ShowBox: How to download it in BlackBerry

One thing the BlackBerry users need to keep in mind that ShowBox is only supported 10.2.1 above version.

  • Download ShowBox app on your BlackBerry
  • Go to download manager on the phone
  • Tap the apk file and run to play the setup
  • Give necessary permissions and follow the instructions to download ShowBox on your device

ShowBox: How to download in PC/Laptop

To install ShowBox in PC/Laptop, one needs to download Android emulator like “BlueStacks” or similar software like this in his/her device.

  • Download BlueStacks
  • Login into BueStacks with your Gmail account.
  • Download ShowBox apk in your device
  • Right click on the setup file and choose Open With option with BlueStacks
  • Follow the necessary information and your ShowBox will be ready to enjoy in your PC and Laptop

So any device you have, installing ShowBox on your device is just a 2 minutes procedure. Even one can install ShowBox in their Kindle and ChromeCast also. SO what are you waiting for?