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Fast & Furious 8: See the Cars will be Displayed!

The eighth Fast & Furious movie also titled as Fast and Furious 8, is hitting theaters in this April. Now as the movie is known for is excellent action sequences and awesome cars, the car fanatics always get intrigued to know which cars will be coming on the screen now! As the posters too, display some of the vehicles now, it is time to take a quick look at the cars of Fast & Furious 8.

Plymouth GTX

Dom played by Vin Diesel, driving Plymouth GTX in the movie. He has always been a muscle car person. It is reported that this will not be a normal GTX, but will come up with a different engine (LS3). The GTX has a NOS cylinder, which is kind of a trademark and something we have seen Dom using a lot in his previous F&F movies.

Nissan IDX

Showcased at the Tokyo Motorshow in 2013 Nissan IDX is one of the most stunning cars of the film. There is a rumor that the company will make a production version of the IDX. Now coming to the film, there is still no news who will use the car or for what purpose it will be used. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson calls the car “a $2 million Nissan prototype” and has posted a video on the social media and that is making this car most curious of all.

Corvette Stingray

Corvette Stingray will be driven by Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). It has been finished in red and features much wider tyres, and of course, there is a place to mount the camera at the back. Letty has always shown driving muscle cars, and this one does do justice to her.

Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZ is also not sure of its owner in the movie. But as it is an RWD car and fitted with skinny tyres, that makes it is easy to make the car go sideways. It is fitted with a wide body kit and has been slammed, so we can be sure to see this one in some of the fighting scenes.

Bentley Continental GT

Roman played by Tyrese Gibson has always been known to drive flashy cars. It receives a dual tone paint finish with white and red, massive chrome rims has been lowered and gets a new body kit. But it is true to grab your attention at any cost!

Rally Fighter

A custom built car which will be driven by Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) in the movie, is built and has been raised by Local Motors. It will have massive off-road wheels, a bull bar up front which is finished in red and has the height of an SUV.  It has a muscle car looks and rightly fits the lady!

Apart from the above-said cars, there are also a Ram truck which looks like a weaponized farm vehicle hanging off the back and also the “Zombie cars” of Cleveland, Mad Max on ice in Iceland and of course the Muscle cars in Cuba. They are all part of this stunning film to add the glamor and power!

How to Download YouTV Player for Android

If you are bored of watching the movies and videos in low-resolution or not getting much time to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on the big screen, then YouTV Player could be your best solution. YouTV Player is a video streaming application which streams all the recent and popular movies and TV shows for absolutely free of cost. The application has received a massive amount of popularity among the movie buffs and has been awarded as one of the most downloaded streaming applications over the last two years.

But, what are the reasons behind YouTV Player’s mammoth success? Apart from streaming HD quality movies and TV shows for free, the application comes with a simple and easy-to-grasp user-interface. Moreover, the other features of this streaming application are also mind boggling. The salient feature of the YouTV Player is, it supports Google Chromecast, which not many streaming applications offer to their users. Moreover, this streaming application comes with various TV channels of different genres, like music channels, sports channels, movie channels, cartoon channels and many more. You can even save your favorite videos on the application and protect them with password. YouTV Player also doubles as a social media platform and you can connect with all the movie lovers who are using this awesome application and can get suggestions about the upcoming movies and TV shows.

So after reading all these stand out features, you must be thinking how to download YouTV Player for Android smartphones. Although, YouTV Player is an Android based application, it is not available on the Google Play Store as it promotes streaming contents, which strictly goes against the rules and regulations of Google. So you have to download the YouTV Player APK file first. Well, feeling confused? We have described the whole process below, just check it out.

Step 1: To start the procedure, first download the You TV Player APK file first on your Android handset from the internet.

Step 2: After that, as the apk file is a third party application, you need to grant permission to your smartphone to allow installation from the unknown sources.  So, to allow access, go to the Settings of your Android handset and then tap on the Security option. Here you will see the Unknown Sources option, uncheck it.

Step 3: Then go to the File Manager on your Android smartphone and open the You TV Player.apk file you have downloaded in the first step.

Step 4:  Finally, to install this streaming application on your Android device, click on the YouTV Player. Apk file. The file will ask for your permission. Grant them all to further carry forward the installation process.  The installation process will take a couple of minute time. So keep patience.

So friends, see how easy it is to download YouTV Player for the Android devices. Download the application today and enjoy HD quality movies and videos for absolutely free of cost.

Should you Buy the iPad Air 3?

A new year has begun and a new iPad model is about to hit the market. From the rumors we have received, it looks like Apple is finally going to refresh their iPad Air lineup with the new release, the Apple iPad Air 3. However, since there’s already a good number of different iPads in the same 9.7 inch display size, Apple might make the new iPad Air 3 more affordable over the pricier and more capable iPad Pro models. For people who prefer something smaller, the iPad Mini lineup is already there.

With so many lineups and models in the present market, should you buy an iPad Air 3 if it comes out this summer or buy something else?

Possible Release Date

We are looking forward to a March release of the iPad Air 3. The last week of March looks like a sweet spot, because Apple released the iPad Pro 2 on 21st March 2016. However, the news of some chip error is floating on the air and if that is true, the event can get postponed up to June although the possibility is quite less. Nothing creates a hype better than suspense.

Also, another possible reason for a delay is the arrival of a new model; a 10.5 inch new iPad which the world hasn’t seen before. Apparently, Apple is planning on replacing the 9.7 inch lineup thus making the release date a bit delayed.


As usual, the pricing would be around $550 for the basic Wi-Fi version, expect beyond $800 if you need the LTE variant of the iPad Air 3. In the UK, the pricing should stay around 400 pounds, depending on availability in the market. This was the pricing structure when the last iPad Air was released in 2014, it’s been long ever since so we can’t be so sure about the iPad Air 3 pricing.

Device Outlook

The iPad Air is already only 6.1 mm thick, an iPad any thinner than this may not be a good idea in terms of rigidity and strength. Although Apple still has a 0.5 mm margin to take care of, but that’s still in dilemma and mostly unnecessary. Although Apple is said to be working on using even stronger aluminum than the existing airplane grade ones they are using right now. For color schemes, a new Rose Gold variant will certainly be unveiled. We aren’t sure, but Jet Black seems like an option to us as well.

Assumed Configuration

There’s no official announcement regarding the iPad Air 3, we can’t say anything for sure. 2048×1536 seems like the perfect display resolution for a tablet that’s around 10 inches in size. iPad Pro has a true tone display with improved color gamut, using that in the iPad Air 3 will bump up the price. If Apple wants to make the Air 3 an affordable tablet, they might just omit the True Tone display and go with the regular IPS LCD they use.

For storage, iPad Air 3 would likely follow the iPhone 7 footsteps.


If you need recommendation on buying the iPad Air 3; go for it. If you need a smaller or larger variant, there are the iPad Mini and iPad Pro variants as well.

Drone – Meaning, Control, Application and Uses

Technically Drones are called as ‘Unnamed Aerial Vehicles’. The abbreviation used for it is UAVs. This is a mechanical device that possesses the quality of ‘Aircraft’. These are usually controlled by pilots from the remote places through laptops and supercomputers. To make it more familiar to you, let me set an image of drone in your mind. Drones are exactly or to the most extent same like that you see in Hollywood Movies especially used to spy about places or to make an attack from by accessing it remotely.

Usually, drones are of two types according to the uses, one is ‘Observation or Inspection Use’ and another ‘Loaded with Bombs and Missiles for Military Use’. This is one of the master inventions of Human Mind. We can see the record of recent years that the use of drones has developed too much for a number of purposes.

Who controls the Drone?

Drones are very useful device but it sis to be used and controlled with very high care and intelligence. Most of the drones are controlled remotely so that there is no risk of life to the crew of the flight. The actual control is done through the satellite but the actions are tendered to the technicians over the control room. At least 3 to 4 persons are needed to control the drone safely and effectively. One person drive/flies the drone, another person monitors the sensors and the cameras and the third person usually handles the communications and makes calls and contacts with the customers, commanders or other related persons.

Can drones contribute to safety and security?

Undoubtedly yes. Drones are one of the most effective devices to implement the security and make the society safe. The drone manufacturers are also planning and some have made as well those drones which can be used for civilians. It can make a dramatic change in the security system by developing the functions to recognize the faces, tracking the conversations of individuals and activities. It can also to be useful to transmit the status of the places and security requirements.

What are the fields where Drones are used?

As we generally presume from the name that drones are used for military purpose and surveillance but you will be amazed knowing about the uses of drones as it is used for the normal and daily activities as well. Some of the uses of drones are listed below-

  • Recreational Purpose and by Motion Pictures and Entertainment Industries.
  • It is used in Journalism sector to get information from the places of accidents and wars and other places where is not possible to visit physically.
  • To conduct the surveys on minerals and gas exploration by using geomagnetic equipment in the drones.
  • It can be used as the Cargo Transport to deliver commodities in the remote places and inaccessible regions. Recently, it is announced by the Amazon that it will use drones to deliver products.
  • Drones are used in Japan for Agricultural Purposes like Dusting Crops, Checking water levels, crops status and cattle monitoring.

These are some of the uses of best drones and the basic information regarding it. Keep in tune with us, we will update you more information and technical aspects regarding drone. if you want to buy anything please do proper research and my site help you to take correct design.

iPhone 8 to Feature Wireless Charging?

iPhone 7s first-rate features took the tech world by a storm soon after its release and was extremely well received by the users. Apple has never disappointed its fans with the devices manufactured by them and has always been in the good books of the buyers. The removal of 3.5 mm headphone jack might not have done all the wonders for some of the users but that hasn’t stopped the tech fanatics from praising the device. Therefore, the wait regarding the launch of upcoming iPhone 8 is quite legit. There are numerous speculations regarding iPhone 8 which are doing the rounds on the internet and quite a few have been highlighted several times. And the most talked about feature which can be expected in the upcoming iPhone 8 is an inclusion of wireless charging facility. And the addition of wireless charging transmitters to the iPhone 8 is surely going to be appreciated by the users as they would have a lot to look forward to this particular feature.

The tech giants must be working on the device a lot to make it extremely powerful than its predecessors, therefore, the advancements in its technologies are quite obvious. It has also been highlighted that the iPhone 8 might sport glass panels at the rear and front part of the Smartphone with an OLED display borderless outlook. Another rumor which is at rife regarding the iPhone 8 is that Apple might discard the physical presence of the home button from the device and this upgrade has all the possibilities to make the iPhone 8 look extremely appealing.

Some reports have also stated that the iPhone 8 might be equipped with an edge-to-edge display and looking deeper into the speculations it has also been highlighted that the device might come up with the advanced and better A11 processor which is a clear indication that the iPhone 8 will have a lot in store for the users.

As far as the variants of the device are concerned, Apple’s iPhone 8 might come up with three new variants and one of them would be available in a Ferrari red color which is quite fascinating. Nevertheless, nothing has been confirmed yet but the tech fanatics are hoping that this speculation turns out to be true.

After getting an insight into all the speculations regarding the iPhone 8 which are at rife, the user are definitely looking forward to know the launch date of the device. It has been said that the iPhone 8 might hit the markets somewhere around September 2018 but nothing has been officially confirmed yet. So the launch of iPhone 8 can be expected to happen a little sooner as well.

5 of the Best Car Battery

Often when the talk for a car comes up, the first and foremost priority are retained by its specs, designs and all. The talk for the car battery is often neglected up front. Nevertheless, car battery remains one such great component of the car that decides all its performance.

Can you imagine a car running off without a battery? Nope. It explains the story, doesn’t it? Car battery is often the quintessential part of a vehicle and we rightly appreciate its worth via today’s blog on the same.

We here would be casting our eyes on the best car batteries available in the market and list them out in our entry down below. Well, we’ve got quite a few names covered with us.

Shall we start our entry on ‘5 of the Best Car Battery’, then? 

5)Odyssey PC680  

Starting off our list is the one from Odyssey PC680, a deep-cycle battery with great power performance. It can work in even the extreme of conditions and is well rated when it comes to car batteries.

It is priced at a competitive range that makes it even better investment to choose for. The battery, however, doesn’t come with terminals or terminal hardware. Also check out list of best leather conditioner for your car.

Price- $ 102

4)Optima YellowTop Dual Purpose

An invariably superior starting power featuring a battery, Optima YellowTop is placed at fourth on our list. It has a long-term energy output and offers quick charge option. As for the stats, it only  requires 4-6 hrs. to charge itself fully.

The battery has been met with positive response from the users till date. However, there have been instances where the battery has lasted a shelf life of one year or so.

Price- $ 186

3)Exide Edge

This one’s an AGM battery that has been earmarked as one of the best performing car batteries in tougher terrains. The battery has a higher productive shelf life as its part of the AGM design featuring absorbent glass mats.

The battery is priced at the competitive range and is definitely worth an option if you’re seeking an AGM battery with high functionality.

Price- $ 174

2)Kinetic Power Cell  

This one from Kinetic is a powerful battery that has a lightweight construction module that can be fitted into multiple of vehicles. The battery is another one of AGM based one that offers higher performance metrics and shelf life that the normal lead acid based ones.

It’s priced on the top-tier range and offers greater performance over the shelf life.

Price- $ 315

1)XS Power

This one from XS Power is part of the XS Series High Output batteries. It has a powerhouse of a feature when it comes to performance and shelf life. No doubt, why it is a top choice for many cars, be it racing or luxury.

The battery is a what a top line car battery should be, best in all the metrics. It has a higher price spectrum, but totally worth the bucks.

Price- $ 259

Any picks for you among these? Don’t shy away. Share it with us via the comment box down below.

LG G6 New Features and updates

The LG g6 promises to be this year’s major release from the Korean giant and will look to overturn bigger rivals like Apple and Samsung’s apple carts when they come up with their own offerings later this year. We already know a thing or two about the G6. We learned about a week ago that a stunning new feature had been added to the gamut of new features the LG G6 would have to offer. Apparently, the new phone will feature a new 18:9 display with a superb resolution of 2880×1440 pixels.

The LG G6 will come with a 5.7-inch screen with a QHD+ display, which LG claims will be the future of the smartphone display. Contrary to previous rumours, the 5.7-inch screen will be the standard size of the new phone and not a 5.6-inch one. The new panel of the phone will be slimmer, lighter and more manageable thanks to LG’s in-Touch technology.  This new technology will manage to fuse the display and the touch panel matrices all-in-one body, making the LG G6 physical module eminently slim. LG has officially stated that the new phone will be less than 1mm in thickness. The new display ratio of 18:9 will boost the growing demand in bigger screens while the physical size is still retained. When compared to the standard 16:9 screen ratio, the 18:9 ratio will make the picture actually appear bigger due to a better compression ratio. Although it will not have any significant change in form or function, the horizontal and the vertical elements of the display will be markedly improved.

The LG G6 is also rumoured to sport reduced bezels, which while not rendering them completely extinct, definitely does away with the look. Sources suggest that the bezels are reduced by 20% on the top and by 10% on the corners of the new phone. Keep in mind that the bezel-free display is the flavour of the season. The Samsung galaxy S8 is said to sport a near bezel-less display while the iPhone 8 will look forward to ditching the bezel completely.

LG has also stated that the G6 will sport a better and a newly redesigned outdoor visibility factor; this will be the result of increased transmittance of the new phone. All this and still the LG G6 will still look to reduce the power consumption of the phone by a whopping 30%. The new 4200 mAh battery on the phone will power the phone and the battery consumption of the phone will probably be enough to exceed a day of use.

The LG G6 will have to succeed and do well for LG has reported a loss in the last quarter of last year. To overcome that upset, we believe that the media pundits and the PR machinery that LG has under its aegis will be put to full use while the production and manufacturing departments will work overtime. We are expecting that the G6 will be out at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February. We ask you to watch this space.

SnapTube Ready and Killer: Know About These in Details

With YouTube video downloading application getting famous and popular among Android users day by day many has come and gone but one application that made a huge impact on this pace is newly revamped version of SnapTube. This new edition 4.6.1 comes with newly-fangled and exciting features which allows existing features giving boast to the core. As many of the SnapTube users are getting pretty handy with the process of video and audio downloading and folks who are not really aware about this app are getting more into it.


I think honestly, what else you could wish for, latest videos and music getting captured in your device and that is without spending any dime. Yeah you heard me right, this application goes free and add- free with the new edition. When we all are talking about new addition of features in this version, there are two upgrades this time- SnapTube Ready and SnapTube Killer.

Shall we look closer?

SnapTube Ready: with this downloading any video feeds from the streaming site has become more easy and fast. With just one click, to share button will connect you to SnapTube and the video will start downloading in a jiff. One can explore many videos simultaneously and this share function makes playing, pausing and resuming effortless on application. You could also manage your downloaded videos by deleting them directly from the application. Even the design of the new avatar is organized and clean makes you feel towards videos rather than popping up advertisements. This “SnapTube Ready” feature will also allow people to switch and select between different categories of videos they would like to explore. Moreover, this new edition to the SnapTube Apk is done to make it more convenient for the Android users.

SnapTube Killer: Oh this one is actually a bomb, you folks want to download videos go ahead, but what if you would like to download videos in an mp3 format. Hell yeah! You can download videos in MP3 format from YouTube, but that would be only audio from the video. This SnapTube Killer feature allows you to be specific about which video and music would like to be downloaded in order to save time, data network and space on your devices. This could be done with the in-built application support system and for these users would not be downloading any other separate plug-ins to occupy more storage space in their smart phones. So no extra encoding plug-in required here, save space and listen endless o your favorite music whole day without interruption anytime and anywhere you want. If you like a video search the keyword explore the videos if you want to download it, hit “SnapTube Ready” to be downloaded on are phones.

FaceTime vs Skype

However, it’s up to you guys how you would really want to use it, but in our phones “SnapTube is rolling”.

Why Should You Choose Skype over Facetime?

So in the battle of FaceTime vs Skype, there have been times when FaceTime has stood out the winner, for the times when we are talking about devices which remain confined to Apple products only. Now you can run Facetime for PC too, with the help of some tricks and tweaks. However, looking at the wider picture, and talking about various other aspects of the application’s,’ here are our reasons for having you choose Skype over FaceTime!



1.Cross Platform

Well, the first point on our list, without a doubt is the fact that FaceTime is confined to Apple products only and you cannot FaceTime someone until they too have an Apple product and of course, have FaceTime.

Skype on the other hand works with all the major platforms we can think of, that is Android, iOS, Windows as well as Linux, which is sure a very useful feature because that is what makes the app a ready to use for all and does no limit us.

  1. Chat options

Chat options on Skype are much more wider in terms of variety and at the same time are super easy. Because Skype allows you to share messages, photos as well as files, you can very easily work with the app.

Unlike FaeTime, which is limited to just audio and video calls, chat options are not as flexible as they are with Skype.

  1. Contact sync

Contact syncing is much easier when we talk about skype because you have multiple options to choose from which ranges from Email, contact number, or of course, the Skype id as well.

  1. International calls

Now that is something which sure might turn out to be an advantage for you for the fact that it allows you to make calls on international numbers at reduced rates thereby making it rather convenient and also cost effective at the same time.

  1. Group calls made simpler

FaceTime allows for just group calls, which is conference calls of course. Skype on the other hand allows for group video calls as well, thereby giving it the upper hand! So it goes without saying the fact that things are much more simpler and at the same time more varied when talking about skype, and this was just another feature on our list!

Don’t Miss: GarageBand App

Having spoken all about whatever we know of the application, we can proudly tell you that e successfully managed to list down 5 very strong reasons to choose Skype over FaceTime for the next time you make a video or audio call.

Best Happy New Year Messages for Friends and Family

New Year is very special for all of us as we welcome and celebrate a brand new year together with the entire world. In this special moment, your one wish can bring a broad smile on your family members and friends face. As you know, New Year Eve is the very special moment for everyone. As New Year is the new beginning of everything, so a thoughtful and inspirational message is very appropriate on this New Year Eve. Now I am sharing some New Year messages for your help. Share these Happy New Year Messages or SMS with your family and friends. Now check here some messages for Happy New Year 2017 that is given below.


Best New Year Messages

You can search on the different site for New Year messages and SMSs which you can share with the outer world. But here you can find the unique collection of New Year wishes or messages. Have a look at this collection. Each message describes something special and eccentric thoughts.

  • As the New Year approaches us with hopes a new, here is wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead.
  • Just a new bloom spreads fragrance and freshness around…
  • May the New Year add a new beauty and freshness into your life Happy New Year.

Hope you will find your favourite one from the given list. New Year Messages are best methods to reach out to all the people you know, near or far, as the old year leads method for a brand new one. So do not hold back, dressed with your party hats and have loads of enjoyment and share these New Year Messages and Happy New Year Images with friends. I also wish you all a wonderful new year ahead.