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Fifa 18 to have lots of changes

A Lot of Changes are Expected to Come in FIFA 18

It is one of the clichéd statements that change is the only constant. But then, clichéd statements, on most occasions, are clichéd because those statements have been proved to be right in a number of instances. And if we think of the world of video games, the statement seems to be more relevant than ever.

If we take a look at the world of video games, we can clearly observe that the things have changed a lot. And that has mostly been for the betterment of the games. Take for instance the games in the FIFA series. If we go back to one of the earlier versions of the game and compare it with one of the latest ones, we can clearly get the idea of how things have evolved. And certainly, that is one thing that has kept the gamers engaged in playing the games.

Now as we inch closer & closer to the official launch of FIFA 18 which happens to be the latest edition of the games in the FIFA series from Electronic Arts (EA), expectations are highly on the rise regarding the new upgrades that are going to come in. Even the expectations are keeping the fans so much engaged. It is just unimaginable how things are going to be when FIFA 18 releases in the second half of the year.

Now as we were talking about the changes that are going to come with the launch of the game FIFA 18, one thing that comes to our mind is the better set-piece movements. There are too many complications when it comes to taking the free-kicks or corners in FIFA 17. And the reports have flown in different sources about this. In fact, there have been even words that in a bid to make it even better, EA has worsened the situation in FIFA 17 from it had been in FIFA 16. So it is quite logical that the fans are expecting a change to come in this section of the game when FIFA 18 gets launched.

Not just the set-piece movements, people who have been playing the games from FIFA for a long time and have come across the changes which have come in over the years are of the opinion that it is high time that EA invests some amount of idea and thoughts behind the fans in the stadium (in the virtual world of the game). In the real-life scenario, the fans have changed so much, and these days, the tifos that are displayed on the field are yet to come in the games. So if FIFA 18 brings in such things, it would certainly be great for the gamers. But the absence of these yet again will disappoint the fans to quite a huge extent.

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Also, not to forget are the positives of the game FIFA 17. The fans believe that EA will retain all those features. Not just the features, the different modes which are available in the game also have grabbed the attention of the gamers – particularly the Journey Mode. And it would be really great to see the Journey Mode being taken to the next level in FIFA 18. Let’s keep our fingers crossed at this moment.