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Latest Patent Promises Better Camera in Apple iPhone 8

We are already in the middle of February in the year 2017, and there has been no dearth of news and updates regarding what the probable features of Apple iPhone 8 are going to be. It was not even a few days that the already available latest version Apple iPhone was launched, that we started getting rumors regarding the configurations of the upcoming flagship device. And it has kept on coming in ceaselessly. Now that we are slowly approaching the official unveiling of the Apple iPhone 8, although a number of months remain before that, the frequency of the updated news has increased considerably.

The latest news that has managed to grab the attention of the tech enthusiasts from different parts of the world states the fact that the Apple iPhone 8 is going to have a better camera than its predecessor. And that is something entirely obvious because over the years we have Apple putting more stress on new updates whenever they have launched a new smartphone in this line. And Apple iPhone 8 is quite naturally not going to be an exception to that trend.

What is interesting about the news is the fact that it reports about a new patent that has been submitted to the developers regarding the probable camera features of the device. The patent which for the first time was published in the month of December looks forward to optimizing capture of focus stacks. Depth-map creation for AR applications and betterment in the faux bokeh mode while shooting are the primary concerns for the new camera patent that has been submitted to the developer for the Apple iPhone 8. CNET has been quoted reporting regarding the patent that, β€œIn order to perform focus stacking, you have to be able to refocus the lens quickly, accurately and in controllable steps, which usually requires new hardware β€” like a new camera module β€” and definitely new software.”

iPhone 8 will have a better camera

This is definitely going to ramp up the already incredible camera features of the Apple iPhones. And what it will do besides the betterment of the camera in the smartphone, these new features will certainly have an effect on the final price of the Apple iPhone 8. In fact, rumors have managed to go up in the air revealing the fact that Apple iPhone 8 is going to be having a higher price tag than $1000. That sounds pretty daring for very few smartphones are available on the market in that price range.

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But how will that bother the developers! Even the fans will definitely not be worried by that as they would certainly be ready to break the bank in order to get a highly updated smartphone. This is going to be the tenth anniversary of the smartphone making brand based out of Cupertino, and the expectations are high that there is going to be something special from Apple. In fact, reports are there that three different variants of the smartphone are going to be available. So it will be really interesting to notice how things pan out once we approach the official unveiling of the latest edition of the Apple iPhone 8.