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Galaxy S9: Key Specs; Rumors; Release Date; Is Galaxy S9 Unveiling in 2017?

Samsung Galaxy S9: Not even a couple of days have passed for Galaxy S8 to be launched, fans have speculated with hopes about its upcoming flagship. Though with S8, fans of Samsung has faced some good as well as bad experiences. But we can say that Samsung has more or less gained the level of trust which flashed out of Samsung world after the unfortunate flagship of Note 7. So with all due respect to Samsung, we hope explosions are not repeated for the fans of Samsung world. But for fans, there remains a hope, and concerning with the tech enthusiasts, we have something more for the Samsung fans. After the successful release of Samsung Galaxy S8 in the month of April this year, rumors come to us that Samsung is thinking about its S8’s successor, Galaxy S9. The ‘S’ series by Samsung are one of the coolest Android devices. And we have many tech gurus anticipating about the 9th edition of the South Korean Mobile make, Samsung Galaxy S9. Here’s what you need to check about Galaxy S9 key specs. Read on below.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors & Key Specs: Most of you might wonder why suddenly S9? But we know, every year Samsung bring out their upgraded flagship model. So if at all they launch a flagship model next year then there’s a cent percent possibility of S9 to hit the market. With top-notch features, S9 is expected to come. But for serious ‘S’ series fans, you have to wait for another one and a half years for the 9th edition. Here are some of the key specs of Galaxy S9 which is speculated by some valid sources. Have a glance.

Galaxy S9 may release in late 2017


Pride it is, for the makers of Samsung, when screen section of their flagships are concerned. As rumors say, Samsung S9 will feature to sport 5.5-inches with quad HD display. The resolution of S9 suggests that it would be 2560×1440. As per the news, there wouldn’t be any up gradation in resolution part. But the display would be improved when we are concerned with S9.


It is speculated that Samsung S9 is going to be powered by futuristic Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipset. Well, that is happening to be under the developmental process. While the processor will be at a rate of 3.6 GHz Quad + 2.8 GHz Quad = Octa Core processor, the GPU of S9 is speculated to be Andreno 540.


With a whopping 6 GB RAM, Galaxy S9 is speculated to offer users a seamless and fast multi-tasking experience. Apparently, the internal memory of S9 is hinted to be having 128GB, which is quite decent for the rich ‘S’ series users.


S9 is expected to be sporting with a dual rear camera with 21-megapixel along with dual tone LED flash; whereas, the front camera is sported to be consisting of 8 MP along with a single LED flash.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date: As we have witnessed Samsung Galaxy S8 to get launched in April this year, chances predominates our thoughts of S9 to get released this year before 2017 ends. However, by some rumors, we get to know that the next flagship of Samsung ‘S’ series is nowhere unveiling in 2017, but the probable release date is speculated in 2018. Well, we have to wait for any official announcement by the company.

Wrap Up: In conclusion, we can say, Samsung has always surprised it, customers. But with the explosion that happened with Note series directly affected the Samsung’s business. We hope nothing of that sort is ever repeated shortly. Drawing an ending line, Samsung S9 is expected to be something bigger than fans have ever witnessed.