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A Few Features That Could Arrive With Borderlands 3

We already know that Borderlands 3 is on its way, and it may come out as soon as 2018. Before you get too excited, let us take the opportunity to tell you that developer Gearbox Software has not said anything about the game’s possible release date. In fact, they have not even confirmed for once that Borderlands 3 is indeed in development. However, we have more clues than you would think to back up our speculation that Borderlands 3 is definitely in the works, and it will probably come out sometime next year.

If you are wondering what prompted us to make such assumptions, Gearbox made a showing early this year that showed the game being partly in development. While we could tell that the video clip used for the purpose of the demo featured the game in its early stages of development, the studio’s founder and CEO later posted a status update on Twitter with a picture that showed him clad in motion capture gear shooting for a video game for the part of a psycho bandit. Now while he was careful not to name the game he was working on, the playful teasing has us thinking that it may indeed be borderlands3game.com

The last clue to seal our faith came from publisher Take-Two Interactive, who said that the year 2018 was going to be a busy one for them with 2K getting a brand new unnamed title in one of their most acclaimed franchises- something that aligns perfectly with all the things we have been hearing about Borderlands 3. So with all that sorted out, we have a feeling that Borderlands 3 is on its way. Even if it doesn’t come out in 2018, it is definitely in the works, and we are not too far away from hearing about the upcoming. With that in mind, we take a look at a few things that we want to see when Borderlands 3 finally lands.

So first things first, what we would really like to see is an engine upgrade, which, as we know, is already happening. The tech demo that the creators showed us was from a new technology that was being built on the Unreal Engine 4. The new graphics tech that we saw retains the game’s signature cel-shaded, highly unrealistic look, yet is designed to go deeper under the levels and deliver a more unique and detailed visual characteristic. At one point, Randy Pitchford mentioned that the new technology would be able to pick up many visual subtleties such as what we see in reality when we hold up our hand next to a strong source of light.

Besides that, we really hope that Borderlands 3 brings in some fantastic new weapons. This is of particular importance to longtime Borderlands fans as the creators have given us some of the world’s most insane arms to use in-game as if they were no big deal. So yes, while we got the opportunity to fool around with rocket launchers in the earlier games, we would love to see it being taken several notches higher.

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However, our weapons wishlist cannot come to an end without us stating just how much we would love to see full weapons customization- something that can really bring a whole new flavor into the upcoming game. It would be even sweeter if customization is not relegated to weapons only, but be extended to important features like characters for a more immersive experience.

We can’t tell if all of these would make their way into Borderlands 3, but the fact that Randy Pitchford had said long back that the next game in the series would have to be the biggest one gives us a lot of hope about the legacy of the Borderlands franchise. So we sincerely hope that the new game gives us all that we love about Borderlands without any compromise.