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Playbox not working

How to Deal with Different PlayBox Not Working Issues

It is a fact that current technological boom has brought a tremendous change in the online market and we can see the change in almost everything. The app is the new thing in the market that has made our lives even easier with their loads of help and support. Even entertainment is not put out of it. But like consequence in almost everything, such apps to have setbacks, and that is various not working issues. Today in this tutorial we will deal with such an entertainment app, and that is PlayBox not working.

There are certain issues the users have dealt with, and that are discussed here, just go through them, and you will understand how to deal with them.

How to handle Not Loading Issue

Below we have talked about how to handle not loading issues in PlayBox HD.

Step 1: First Play the movie which you want to watch in PlayBox HD App.

Step 2: If you see a Pop-Up window with the movie not loading problem in PlayBox HD Apk. Just Tap on Ok button.

Step 3:  Next beneath the PlayBox HD App you can see 720p resolution option. Choose the 720p option or other resolutions options other than what resolution you are using now.

Hope it will work for your app. This is the simplest tip to solve movies loading issue in playbox HD movies application.

Error in Opening PlayBox HD

This is another issue the users of this impressive entertainment app facing. Take a look on how to deal with it:

  1. First of all, close the PlayBox HD app.
  2. Then go to the “Settings” of your device and select “General settings.”
  3. Now turn the Wi-Fi off.
  4. Next, turn on the “Airplane mode” of your device.
  5. After that, open up the PlayBox HD app and “Turn off Airplane mode.”
  6. Turn the Wi-Fi on.

It can be expected that the method will solve the problem of error in opening PlayBox HD.

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We all know that PlayBox is not available in Google Play Store and this is the reason we download it with the .apk file version. As a result, such apps suffer certain technical glitches and those we face in using it. Hope the above listed solutions will not bother you much, as some of the PlayBox not working problems have discussed in this tutorial already.