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Why Should You Choose Skype over Facetime?

So in the battle of FaceTime vs Skype, there have been times when FaceTime has stood out the winner, for the times when we are talking about devices which remain confined to Apple products only. Now you can run Facetime for PC too, with the help of some tricks and tweaks. However, looking at the wider picture, and talking about various other aspects of the application’s,’ here are our reasons for having you choose Skype over FaceTime!



1.Cross Platform

Well, the first point on our list, without a doubt is the fact that FaceTime is confined to Apple products only and you cannot FaceTime someone until they too have an Apple product and of course, have FaceTime.

Skype on the other hand works with all the major platforms we can think of, that is Android, iOS, Windows as well as Linux, which is sure a very useful feature because that is what makes the app a ready to use for all and does no limit us.

  1. Chat options

Chat options on Skype are much more wider in terms of variety and at the same time are super easy. Because Skype allows you to share messages, photos as well as files, you can very easily work with the app.

Unlike FaeTime, which is limited to just audio and video calls, chat options are not as flexible as they are with Skype.

  1. Contact sync

Contact syncing is much easier when we talk about skype because you have multiple options to choose from which ranges from Email, contact number, or of course, the Skype id as well.

  1. International calls

Now that is something which sure might turn out to be an advantage for you for the fact that it allows you to make calls on international numbers at reduced rates thereby making it rather convenient and also cost effective at the same time.

  1. Group calls made simpler

FaceTime allows for just group calls, which is conference calls of course. Skype on the other hand allows for group video calls as well, thereby giving it the upper hand! So it goes without saying the fact that things are much more simpler and at the same time more varied when talking about skype, and this was just another feature on our list!

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Having spoken all about whatever we know of the application, we can proudly tell you that e successfully managed to list down 5 very strong reasons to choose Skype over FaceTime for the next time you make a video or audio call.