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Should you Buy the iPad Air 3?

A new year has begun and a new iPad model is about to hit the market. From the rumors we have received, it looks like Apple is finally going to refresh their iPad Air lineup with the new release, the Apple iPad Air 3. However, since there’s already a good number of different iPads in […]

Drone – Meaning, Control, Application and Uses

Technically Drones are called as ‘Unnamed Aerial Vehicles’. The abbreviation used for it is UAVs. This is a mechanical device that possesses the quality of ‘Aircraft’. These are usually controlled by pilots from the remote places through laptops and supercomputers. To make it more familiar to you, let me set an image of drone in […]

LG G6 New Features and updates

The LG g6 promises to be this year’s major release from the Korean giant and will look to overturn bigger rivals like Apple and Samsung’s apple carts when they come up with their own offerings later this year. We already know a thing or two about the G6. We learned about a week ago that […]