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5 of the Best Car Battery

Often when the talk for a car comes up, the first and foremost priority are retained by its specs, designs and all. The talk for the car battery is often neglected up front. Nevertheless, car battery remains one such great component of the car that decides all its performance.

Can you imagine a car running off without a battery? Nope. It explains the story, doesn’t it? Car battery is often the quintessential part of a vehicle and we rightly appreciate its worth via today’s blog on the same.

We here would be casting our eyes on the best car batteries available in the market and list them out in our entry down below. Well, we’ve got quite a few names covered with us.

Shall we start our entry on ‘5 of the Best Car Battery’, then? 

5)Odyssey PC680  

Starting off our list is the one from Odyssey PC680, a deep-cycle battery with great power performance. It can work in even the extreme of conditions and is well rated when it comes to car batteries.

It is priced at a competitive range that makes it even better investment to choose for. The battery, however, doesn’t come with terminals or terminal hardware. Also check out list of best leather conditioner for your car.

Price- $ 102

4)Optima YellowTop Dual Purpose

An invariably superior starting power featuring a battery, Optima YellowTop is placed at fourth on our list. It has a long-term energy output and offers quick charge option. As for the stats, it only  requires 4-6 hrs. to charge itself fully.

The battery has been met with positive response from the users till date. However, there have been instances where the battery has lasted a shelf life of one year or so.

Price- $ 186

3)Exide Edge

This one’s an AGM battery that has been earmarked as one of the best performing car batteries in tougher terrains. The battery has a higher productive shelf life as its part of the AGM design featuring absorbent glass mats.

The battery is priced at the competitive range and is definitely worth an option if you’re seeking an AGM battery with high functionality.

Price- $ 174

2)Kinetic Power Cell  

This one from Kinetic is a powerful battery that has a lightweight construction module that can be fitted into multiple of vehicles. The battery is another one of AGM based one that offers higher performance metrics and shelf life that the normal lead acid based ones.

It’s priced on the top-tier range and offers greater performance over the shelf life.

Price- $ 315

1)XS Power

This one from XS Power is part of the XS Series High Output batteries. It has a powerhouse of a feature when it comes to performance and shelf life. No doubt, why it is a top choice for many cars, be it racing or luxury.

The battery is a what a top line car battery should be, best in all the metrics. It has a higher price spectrum, but totally worth the bucks.

Price- $ 259

Any picks for you among these? Don’t shy away. Share it with us via the comment box down below.