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Download MovieBox for Windows: Take a Break from Other Streaming Apps and Get Hold of This

With every new height of the emerging technology, we have got hold of some excellent infotainment and entertainment apps. While we are concerned about how to download MovieBox for Windows right here, smartphones users initially used to be luckier in this part. The reason is very simple. MovieBox was initially developed for Android users so that users of this particular operating system can get all benefits of movie and video watching experience. But not too late it is, to bring an interesting tweak to go for MovieBox for Windows device. Keep reading on folks.

Download MovieBox for Windows: Before You Get into the Process Here’s why the App is an Achiever

MovieBox app is for those who are dependent on certain sites in order to get the best video watching experience. The app not only provides a wide range of movies but also happens to offer several TV shows. We must mention here that certain TV shows demand exclusive commitment which is impossible for our busy schedule in this rat-raced world. With MovieBox you don’t need to stay dependent on certain channels to cast your favorite TV shows because depending on the app will be the only task for you. There are other features as well that make the app a winner.

Download MovieBox for Windows
Download MovieBox for Windows

Download MovieBox for Windows: Steps You Should Follow

In order to download MovieBox for Windows device, you need to check the minimum system requirement. First and foremost, your Windows device must run one of the mentioned Windows OS- Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, or the latest Windows 10 OS. Second, the Windows device must be packed with a RAM of 4 GB and a native storage of 5 GB. Third, your device must be updated with 1 GB of Graphics Card. Now the steps.


These are the steps that you require to follow.

  • Step 1: First download and install the AMIDuOS Android emulator on the Windows device.
  • Step 2: Now download MovieBox apk.
  • Step 3: Then open the folder where MovieBox apk is successfully downloaded. There you have to right click on the file and then choose the ‘Apply to DuOS’ option.
  • Step 4: Upon it, it will initiate the app on your Windows device. After it gets installed, you will get a notification on the taskbar alongside the MovieBox icon appearing in the section of Android apps menu.
  • Step 4: Now click on the Taskbar balloon to open the Moviebox app on AMIDuOS Android emulator.

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Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed our guide to download MovieBox for Windows. Thus, this compiles everything that is required to know about MovieBox app. In case you have any question or queries, get in touch with us via the comment section below.

Top 3 Gaming Mouse of 2017: Which Ones Should You Buy?

If you are a gaming enthusiast and you wish to be more adept the next time you play Call of Duty, you must choose your gaming mouse very wisely. For a lot of factors, when it comes to gaming, relies on how powerful and how advanced your gear is. The mouse is your virtual hand and should be most modern if not downright cutting edge. Are you a gaming enthusiast? Then, you must check out our list of top 3 gaming mouse of 2017.

Top 3 Gaming Mouse of 2017: Criteria for Picking a Gaming Mouse 

When it comes to a gaming mouse, there are some criteria which you must necessarily follow. Gaming mice must be lag free and easy to use. Also, the higher the Dots per Inch, or DPI, count is, the better it is to use. It should be remembered that in case you are a newbie to the gaming world, you must follow what the older or more experienced gamers have to say. Also, you can easily follow our guide to the best gaming mouse options. All gamers must also remember that not all the gaming mice are exactly alike: they fit your hand in very different ways. Thus, you must be well aware of your options before closing in on one. Also, note that the build quality is very important as well.

top gaming mouse
Best gaming Mouse

Top 3 Gaming Mouse of 2017: Our Top List

These are the top 3 gaming mice of 2017.

  • Havit HV-MS735: This is a great beginner’s mouse and is priced just right: below $50. The build quality is excellent. With up to 12000 DPI, a total of 19 programmable buttons, and a mechanical scroll wheel, we believe that it will arise the dormant super-gamer in you. It is very responsive and is great to touch. However, it has a drawback: the plastic body can often be slippery.
  • Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum: This offering from Logitech is an excellent one. The reason why this mouse is on our list of top 3 best gaming mouse options is that it is super-light: at just 3.6 grams. It also has 11 programmable buttons which will help you play any game better. Also on board is an RGB customizable lighting feature. It can, however, be a bit pricey.
  •  Zowie ZA11: This entry on our list is an ambidextrous unit, which means that southpaws will rest assured. It also has a claw grip, favored by legions of gamers. It has a great build quality and is extremely accurate thanks to the great sensor. It also does not need additional drivers. This model can, however, be very pricey for some gamers.

Wrap Up

In the end, we hope you have enjoyed reading our guide to the top 3 gaming mouse of 2017. Do you have an entry you would like to add? Let us know in the comments section below.


How to Deal with Different PlayBox Not Working Issues

It is a fact that current technological boom has brought a tremendous change in the online market and we can see the change in almost everything. The app is the new thing in the market that has made our lives even easier with their loads of help and support. Even entertainment is not put out of it. But like consequence in almost everything, such apps to have setbacks, and that is various not working issues. Today in this tutorial we will deal with such an entertainment app, and that is PlayBox not working.

There are certain issues the users have dealt with, and that are discussed here, just go through them, and you will understand how to deal with them.

How to handle Not Loading Issue

Below we have talked about how to handle not loading issues in PlayBox HD.

Step 1: First Play the movie which you want to watch in PlayBox HD App.

Step 2: If you see a Pop-Up window with the movie not loading problem in PlayBox HD Apk. Just Tap on Ok button.

Step 3:  Next beneath the PlayBox HD App you can see 720p resolution option. Choose the 720p option or other resolutions options other than what resolution you are using now.

Hope it will work for your app. This is the simplest tip to solve movies loading issue in playbox HD movies application.

Error in Opening PlayBox HD

This is another issue the users of this impressive entertainment app facing. Take a look on how to deal with it:

  1. First of all, close the PlayBox HD app.
  2. Then go to the “Settings” of your device and select “General settings.”
  3. Now turn the Wi-Fi off.
  4. Next, turn on the “Airplane mode” of your device.
  5. After that, open up the PlayBox HD app and “Turn off Airplane mode.”
  6. Turn the Wi-Fi on.

It can be expected that the method will solve the problem of error in opening PlayBox HD.

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We all know that PlayBox is not available in Google Play Store and this is the reason we download it with the .apk file version. As a result, such apps suffer certain technical glitches and those we face in using it. Hope the above listed solutions will not bother you much, as some of the PlayBox not working problems have discussed in this tutorial already.

Cinema Box Not Working Issues: How to Handle Different Cinema Box Problems?

Cinema Box is a great entertainment app that helps to access all the latest movies, television shows, and even anime. It provides all the latest content possible and thus the fan base of this app is quite high. Though it is not as popular as ShowBox, but it is quite good in its field. But those who are currently using this app must know that even this app is not free from troubles and Cinema Box not working issues is quite a prominent problem. Hereby, we have decided to help you out to deal with these issues. So go through the tutorial of how to deal with various Cinema Box not working problems.

Cinema Box not working
Cinema Box not working

Cinema Box Not Loading or Cinema Box Not Opening Problem

A lot of people ask about the Cinema Box HD not responding problem. The good news is that we have found a solution for this. So here it is.

But before going into that make sure you are using the most recent and updated version of the Cinema Box apk. If you are dealing with the Cinema Box HD not opening problem while running the app on an iOS device, the reason may be you are using the old version for login to the app.

  • First, go to ‘Settings’ of your device and click on Time
  • Then change the time to 01-01-2015 and Save it
  • Now Change it to “Automatic Time/Date Update” on your device
  • Finally go back to home screen and enjoy Cinema Box HD movies without any errors

Cinema Box Subtitles Problem

To deal with it,

  • First, open the app on your android/iOS gadget to stream your favorite movies or TV episodes for free.
  • Then search for your favorite TV episode, say Game of Thrones on the app
  • After that gently, tap on “CC” at the bottom left-hand side of the screen
  • Now tap on the “Get New Subtitle” to get the subtitles of the selected movie or episode from the internet
  • Next, select the language you desire and choose one of the listed out subtitles from the pop-up menu
  • finally, enjoy your episode with on-screen subtitles on cinema box app

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Final Words

Cinema Box is a great app but doesn’t ruin the experience with such issues we just discussed above. So get the help from this tutorial how to deal with various Cinema Box Not Working Issues and make the app experience extraordinary!

Download Freedom HD for Mac: An Easy Guide to Follow

Gaming world involves various levels by which gamers gain gold and coins. But think of a situation when you have already reached a higher level, and you cannot manage to buy coins in order to move ahead with the next level. You don’t wish to break the bank. Although, going ahead with the game is your desire. What you’re going to do then? Well, Freedom app is the ultimate solution for you. Just with the steps to download freedom HD for Mac will go the rest.

Steps to Download Freedom App for Mac

While the gaming world is considered to be one of the entertainments for gaming enthusiasts, there arrives the Freedom app with delightful features. One thing that strikes our minds while thinking about the aforementioned app is that it’s just not an app, but certainly something more than that. Accurately, not only for games but the Freedom app is also eligible to make users capable of making app-purchases without a single dime, absolutely for free. While users go for the process to download freedom app for Mac, the app enables the device to block the pesky ads that pop everytime. Mentioned below are the steps to download freedom app for Mac. Move on to carefully read the steps.

STEP 1: First and foremost, you have to download the Andyroid emulator.

STEP 2: Second, you are required to install the Andyroid emulator in order to carry forward to download freedom app for Mac.

STEP 3: Third, you need to download the .apk file of the Freedom App from the official site, but you can even buy the app by using the browser.

STEP 4: Fourth, as soon as you complete downloading the Freedom app, continue to launch the Andyroid emulator on your Mac desktop or laptop.

STEP 5: Fifth, you are now required to visit the .apk file of the Freedom app where you have downloaded it, and right click and select ‘open with’ option in order to “Open with Andyroid”. The installation process will begin. Wait for a couple of minutes.

STEP 6: As soon as the installation is done, now open the Freedom app via through the Andyroid Android OS emulator.

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The Final Words

Hopefully, the aforementioned steps sound pretty much interesting at the same time seamless. We hope we have conveniently portrayed whatever it needs to download freedom HD for Mac. For the time being, if you still not have installed the Mac devices, then go on and do the rest.


Cartoon HD Review: Why You Must Have Cartoon HD?

If you have a smartphone, then it is not possible that you have not heard about the entertainment apps, and while talking about them a series of name can come to our mind. Cartoon HD is one of them. This is one of the most well-known apps of entertainment. It was initially created to offer all kind of cartoon shows for the cartoon lovers. But it has never limited its capabilities and expanded to various movies and television series. Here we have tried to give you an article on Cartoon HD review, to help you to understand the app better.

Now as per the users’ review this is the best app possible, and none of the users have anything bad to say about it. So keeping in mind about the review, let’s take a look at the important features of this app.

Cartoon HD app review
Cartoon HD review

Salient Features of Cartoon HD

  • Cartoon HD allows downloading movies and TV shows and cartoons to watch them later in offline mode.
  • This app keeps you updated with daily updates
  • You can choose the viewing and downloading quality as there are a number of qualities available from 360p to 480p, 720p, 1080p.
  • Cartoon HD offers its users more than 2000 videos.
  • It is absolutely free, and there is no hidden charges.

The Pros

This app is very handy and simple, and anyone can use it with some simple steps. Take a look at some of them:

  1. The sign-up process is very simple
  2. It provides the IMDB rating to all the titles
  3. It offers some added benefits like it shows all the information about titles, including genre and releasing year

The Cons

But it is not possible that an app does not have any setbacks, and Cartoon HD is definitely not one of them. It has some issues too, and they are:

  1. It boasts of some annoying ads, which destroys your concentration,
  2. The catalog of movie and related titles are not up to the mark as compared to similar services

Final Words

After considering all the points just been discussed, it can be said that this video streaming app is the ultimate choice for the free access to a wide range of movies and TV shows and cartoons, especially the ones which are at the box office currently.

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But as this app is not available on Play Store and App Store; you have to download Cartoon HD apk file first and install it on your device, and for that, you need to take the help of the settings and have to open the ‘unknown sources’ and then have to download it. Despite being an illegal app, this is most popular among the entertainment app users, but we will suggest before downloading this app get all the doubt cleared and take the decision then whether to download it or not! Hope the article on Cartoon HD review will help you in better judgment against this app.

Fallout 5 Release Date is Perhaps Set in 2019 or 2020

Every now and then we have a new game getting launched from different game developers of publishers. But here we focus on the new game which has been one of the most talked-about franchises in the genre of action role-playing game. No rewards for guessing it right. We are talking about Fallout 5 which is the next installment from Bethesda in this franchise. And one thing which has certainly made the fans impatient is the Fallout 5 release date.

Whenever we have a new title in a particular franchise around the corner, the first and the foremost aspect of the game which grabs our attention is the release date of that particular game. And the same goes with Fallout 5 as well. But much to the misfortune of the fans there are not many clues regarding the release date of Fallout 5.

However, that does not mean that there is absolutely no information related to the Fallout 5 launch date. It was a few months back that we came across an update that will certainly make the fans of the game really crazy. It was an Instagram post which has been later taken down from the social media platform that left a big clue that the Fallout 5 game is getting development. So there is every chance that we might come across further details regarding the launch of the game.

release date of Fallout 5
Fallout 5 release date

Now, if we take a look at the trend that Bethesda has set for themselves while launching the game we cannot get much of an idea regarding when Fallout 5 is going to be launched. This is because the first game in the particular franchise came out for the first time way back in the year 1997. It was soon followed by the Fallout 2 in September 1998. Then there was a gap of 10 long years. Fallout 3 came out in October 2008.

And since then two more editions of the game have come out, one in 2010 (Fallout 4) and the other one in 2015 (Fallout 4). So taking a cue from the release date of the predecessors of Fallout 5 and also the clues that we have received regarding the development, we can predict that Fallout 5 release date is going to be set in 2019. And if there is a delay in the procedure it could well become 2020.

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Wrap Up

So it is advisable that if you are waiting for an announcement regarding the Fallout 5 release date, you need to have a bit of patience. This is because there isn’t anything official coming soon. Previously we have seen that Bethesda announces the launch of the new title only a few days before the actual date. So it is expected that there isn’t going to be an exception this time around as well.

Uncharted 5 Gameplay: What New Can We Expect This Time?

With Uncharted: The Lost Legacy creators have paired up Nadine Ross and Chloe Frazer as a team where they take up their own adventure. Even if the game was planned to be something extra, Lost Legacy now expanded into a full-fledged game. In fact, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is all in one a sum up of all the Uncharted games that have once witnessed by its fans. AT least that’s what the Lost Legacy creator, Shaun Escayg at E3 claims. But that’s not the closure when we are considered with Uncharted series. Yes, finally Naughty Dog via Escayg’s words has hinted us closely that there is a possibility of Uncharted 5 to get into development, but with a different protagonist other than Drake.

What can we expect from Escayg’s Statement at the E3?

Right now, through Escayg’s voice, we have been convinced that the studio is fully focused on Lost Legacy as their ambition is chronologically scheduled. Even the studio is working at a slower pace for Last Of Us: 2, another hit gaming installment of Naughty Dog. As per developers, Nathan Drake story has met the closure and now as fans are highly speculating, Uncharted 5 plot might get revealed in some couple of months.

Uncharted 5 gameplay

Uncharted 5 Gameplay: What’s the buzz so far?

As for fans, you folks have to wait for the Uncharted 5 gameplay to get confirmed, but as explained by developers we might anticipate Uncharted 5 to get developed under a different studio. But as Lost Legacy is the limelight of two side characters, we expected Uncharted 5 to get rolled out with any one of them in the lead role. As Lost Legacy developer has already stated that Chloe Frazer was attempted to develop further as none of fans or enthusiasts have witnessed her with depth, to know further for where did she appear or what made her tick. The “self-preservationist” character was then begun with the “filling in the holes”, and there we witness the full-fledged game to set out in August.

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Can we expect another Uncharted world?

Uncharted 5 might get into development with Drake not being the protagonist, at least that’s what we were well familiar with. But there wasn’t any clue given to the serious fans about Uncharted 5 plotE3 banged it on, and we witness the much-awaited statement, “I wouldn’t say it’s the end.” Thanks to Escayg for this, now fans can at least think of moving on with yet another breathtaking Uncharted 5 gameplayTo give closure to this article let’s portray it in style of statement,
But to say the Uncharted world is done… I doubt that highly.”

LG V30 Rumor Suggests Wireless Charging Support

After the success of LG V20 the, the brand has become too conscious with the next V series of them and just after the launch of the V20, the discussion regarding the next V30 had been in market. Now finally there are some news regarding the release of the upcoming LG V30 and the if things go right, it will be released just before the IFA 2017 event which will take place in Berlin on September 1. But as the date of release is almost certain, some LG V30 rumor is taking place widely in the tech world.

Wireless Charging Support

As per the latest LG V30 rumor, the phone will have wireless charging support, which means it will come up with a glass back, unlike any of its previous attempts in the V series, and it is going to be a permanent fixture. Having a glass back does not mean that the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor will take a back seat. If the rumors to be believed, the fingerprint sensor will be positioned below the handset’s dual-camera system.

LG V30 rumors

LG V30 Comparison

On the other hand, there is a news that the other series of LG, the G series 6 has a glass back too. Thus it suggests that LG is taking a new plunge to unify the designs of the two flagship smartphone lines, which is nothing but the following the same footsteps of Samsung, as it has already done the same with its S series and Note series, the two branded handsets in last couple of years.

Reliability of this news

Now comes the question of the reliability of this news? It is a tricky question as most of the time what we expect from a coming phone, turn out to be accurate, when it gets released; but sometimes it comes out to be nothing close to like what has been rumored or expected.

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LG V30 is phone that is creating a lot of buzz and it has a lot of speculated features that can turn out to be the best of its series. But specifications of LG V30 rumors are still a mystery and as the release date is coming closer, the best thing will be to wait for the release to get reality check of what actually the brand has planned for the coming V series. Till then enjoy the specifications of the current tech sensation LG V20.


PlayStation 5 Features: Things To Expect From The Gaming Console

PlayStation is one of the most famous gaming consoles in the world. For 23 straight years, it has been a major source of entertainment for video game players across the world. And now, after more than two decades, it is still going strong with major upgrades in its technology. Now, the entire globe is waiting for the big release of PlayStation 5. Everyone wants to know about the PlayStation 5 features. And in this article, we are going to do just that. We will run through the features of PlayStation 5 based on all the rumors and speculations that we have heard so far.

Memory Specifications

We have seen that PlayStation 4 featured 1 TB of internal storage and 8GB of RAM. Naturally, we can expect an upgrade to that for PlayStation 5. Industry speculations hint that the RAM will be of 16GB on PlayStation 5 and that the internal memory will be around 4TB. Also, since a number of new memory concept technologies have come up recently, we can certainly hope that Sony, as a developer, would bring in the latest concepts in the upcoming gaming console.

PlayStation 5 Design

It is being believed that PlayStation 5 design will be based on PlayStation 4 slim rather than PlayStation 4 exterior. PlayStation 4 sported 288*265mm with 39mm of height, although the superior qualifications of PlayStation 4 were missing from it. PlayStation 5 is expected to incorporate loads of stuff under its hood. Another big PlayStation rumor doing the rounds is that the new gaming console might be portable, which you can carry on to your friend’s place.

Features of Playstation 5

Better Graphic Cards

Another big PlayStation 5 feature concerns its graphics card. Since by 2020, all digital content will be in 4K, the developers of PlayStation 5(http://www.playstation5ps.com) are creating it making sure that it will be compatible with 4K. We can definitely see the gaming console to sport an AMD chipset. In fact, it is also being suggested that AMD is partnering up with Sony to build a special high-end chipset exclusively for its latest flagship console. Some sources also claim that it will come with a discreet GPU.


One of the most certain things about PlayStation 5 feature is that it will come with PSVR (PlayStation Virtual Reality). Rumors suggest that it will work with either the PlayStation Move Controllers or the normal DualShock 4 controller.  The PSVR comprises of a 5.7-inch OLED panel and features a display with 1080 resolution. The headset can also see a lot of improvements. It is one of the most popular aspects of the game. The headset basically features a processor that allows the social screen video output to TV. It also enables the usage of a 3.5mm headphone and the process of 3D audio effect. With PlayStation 5, we can only expect things to be better and bigger. Although the released is nowhere soon, fans are hopeful that the long wait will be worth it.

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Wrap Up

What are you expecting from PlayStation 5? Which PlayStation 5 features have kept you the most excited about? Answer in the comment section and tell us your opinion about the gaming console.